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Aragón Sourcing

Aragón Sourcing is an initiative of the Government of Aragon, promoted by Aragón Exterior in order to cover the width of the Aragonese industrial network.

Throughout these last years, we have verified the variety of enquiries from domestic and foreign production companies, which look for providers with a specific technology.  B2B meetings and so-called suppliers meetings, where contracting companies search for providers who are able to be integrated into their value chain, are successful as well.

This website aims to gather up these concerns and offer a directory compounded of Aragonese enterprises which work in the industrial subcontracting domain. As a tool, it facilitates networking and revitalizing this industrial sector in Aragon.
Since this website contains its own filter and search bar, it offers a more complete service than the traditional business catalogue.

This directory allows searching for providers classified by services or products, materials, industrial processes and sectorial experience.

The ultimate objective of this website consists in the facilitation of commercial relationships between Aragonese companies and industrial contractors, which results in not only offering an enterprise listing but also a search service that finds the most suitable provider.

Aragón Industrial

In Aragon, the industrial sector’s weight in our economy has always been above Spain’s average.
Industrial subcontracting’s history in Aragon sets off with the installation of several large automotive and white line plants, for instance, OPEL y BSH as the main companies, which served as a catalyst for the region’s industrial network and allowed other companies around them to grow. Beside them, we can find a diversified network of providers in the elevation, agricultural machinery and construction sectors, which constitute the vertebral column of the Aragonese industry.

Aragón Exterior

Aragón Exterior is a public enterprise which belongs to the Government of Aragon, in the north of Spain. Its objective consists in promoting the Aragonese economy overseas by offering services that benefit Aragonese companies’ international commercial activity.